Who we are

A house with a sustainable, creative, inclusive and inviting concept, to inspire the senses with the experience of craft products from small scale producers. Our carefully selected products harmonize with a joyful environment, farm to table cuisine, to be appreciated with a good book from our library or with a special company, or simply as a space to take a break from the routine and connect to the present.






Our many sides

The D.O.A spirit is a unique and diverse approach, combining simplicity, originality and affection, motivated by ease of access to products, cuisine, art, culture, and envisioning passion for its clients, commitment with small scale producers and the talent of artisans.

Our belief

We belive that together we can change the world around us, acting on inclusion and recognition of hard work.

These principles support our belief and guide the D.O.A. way of interacting with products, partner, collaborators, client and the whole community.

3A1P: as artisan as possible. It is in our D.N.A, and is the reason we exist as a company. We know who makes our products and how they make them.

asap: as sustainable as possible. The D.O.A. way of operating and selecting partnerships.

QuatroP: Partner Producer Professional Program. Our program to support the business administration of partner producers.

Partnership with institutions that allow us to act on social inclusion through hard work.