FourP  (Partner Producer Professional Program)

Every penny counts!

Every penny spent at D.O.A. counts to support out FourP program
(Partner Producer Professional Program), in which 1%
of all sales goes to the professional improvement
of partner artisans and producers.


We promote a simpler life, in a cozy and joyful environment,
but also pay great attention to detail and quality of
products and services.

We believe that together we can contribute to the professional improvement of artisans and producers, in order to generate a fair recognition for quality products and services.

4 Passos para elegibilidade do QuatroP


To be an artisan or small business owner (MEI, EPP) in accordance with local regularions, administrate with transparency, follow sustainability practices and work with a handmade process;


Minimum 1 year of partnership; 


The value requested to the program may not exceed 20% of the total amount available, so that the resources can help other partners throughout the year;


The requested training must be in accordance with the program's objective of professional improvement.